Empire of the Moghul


Alex Rutherford

About this Series

The Empire of the Moghul novels span the epic rise and fall of one of the world’s most powerful, opulent and glamorous dynasties across two hundred turbulent years. It begins with Raiders from the North – the story of the nomadic warrior Babur, descendant of Genghis Khan and Tamburlaine. Daring and utterly confident of his destiny, in 1525 Babur sweeps down from the sandy plains of Central Asia into India to found an empire that at its peak will stretch from the saffron fields of Kashmir and mountain passes of Afghanistan to the blue Arabian ocean and the steamy jungles of Bengal.

Babur founds a line of warrior emperors whose courage on the battlefield is matched by their love of luxury, passion for beauty, unbridled ambition and unfettered authority over one sixth of the world’s people. Even in faraway Europe the ‘Great Moghul’ becomes spoken of with wonder and awe, the very name conjuring power and wealth beyond imagining.

The second in the series – A Kingdom Divided – charts the doomed life of Babur’s son Humayun, warrior, dreamer and star-gazer; the third, Ruler of the World tells of the charismatic and liberal Akbar, greatest of the ‘Great Moghuls’, who unites his disparate peoples but fails to win the love of those closest to him; in The Tainted Throne, the cycle of distrust and rivalry that will ultimately doom the Moghuls is in full motion with Akbar’s son Jahangir, weakened by opium and wine and facing treachery from unexpected quarters; The Serpent’s Tooth reveals the final flowering of the Moghul Empire under the jewel-loving warrior ruler Shah Jahan, devoted husband of Mumtaz Mahal and creator of the Taj Mahal, with whose passing the once fabulous empire first forged by Babur begins its decline.

The Empire of the Moghul series brings readers into the heart of battles as vast armies lock in conflict, reveals princes and princesses scheming in palaces of milk white marble and rose pink sandstone and shares with them the Moghuls’ innermost feelings and desires.

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About the Author

About the Author