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Island Book

  • Island Book
    • Island Book

    • Island Book (Volume 1)
      Evan Dahm
      First Second

    • Set sail with Island Book, Evan Dahm's epic graphic novel about friendship, teamwork, and the wisdom we gain when we face the unknown with bravery and an open heart.


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Evan Dahm

Evan Dahm is a cartoonist living in Brooklyn, NY with his spouse and their small dog. He’s from North Carolina and graduated from Appalachian State University in 2009. Since 2006, he’s been creating and self-publishing comics online and in print, including the fantasy-adventure graphic novels Rice Boy, Order of Tales, and the award-winning fantasy-biographical epic Vattu. He’s also illustrated and designed editions of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Moby-Dick. Island Book is his first work with a major publisher.