I Wonder Why


Jackie Gaff, Kathryn Jewitt, Moira Butterfield, Belinda Weber, Rosie Greenwood, Andrew Charman, Barbara Taylor, Editors of Kingfisher, Fiona MacDonald, Philip Steele, Pat Jacobs, Sean Callery, Brigid Avison, Carole Stott, Amanda O'Neill, Rod Theodorou, Simon Adams, Deborah Chancellor, Caroline Harris, Josephine Parker, Miranda Smith, Brenda Walpole, Christopher Maynard, Anita Ganeri, Jenny Wood, Richard Mead, Steve Parker

About this Series

This highly popular and long-running series explores the questions that young readers ask about the world around them in an unrivalled child-friendly style. The conversational format is perfect for delivering solid information in a natural, amusing and imaginative way.  

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Books in This Series

I Wonder Why Flutes Have Holes

By Josephine Parker

I Wonder Why I Blink

By Brigid Avison

I Wonder Why Planes Have Wings

By Christopher Maynard

I Wonder Why the Sun Rises

By Brenda Walpole

I Wonder Why Mice Are Musical

By Josephine Parker

I Wonder Why Whales Sing

By by Caroline Harris

I Wonder Why Lemons Taste Sour

By by Deborah Chancellor

I Wonder Why Spiders Spin Webs

By by Amanda O'Neill

I Wonder Why Stars Twinkle

By by Carole Stott

I Wonder Why I Sleep

By by Brigid Avison

I Wonder Why Romans Wore Togas

By by Fiona Macdonald

About the Author

About the Author