Jeff Aiken Series


Mark Russinovich

About this Series

As the former head of the CIA’s Cyberterrorism Unit, Jeff Aiken knows that we are already in a digital world war — and that the stakes are only growing as we become more dependent on computers and the Internet. Now, he works as a freelance computer security expert with the sexy and brilliant Daryl Haugen, racing around the world to uncover and defeat stealthy digital attacks that threaten the governments and infrastructure on which our lives depend.

Microsoft technical fellow Mark Russinovich has created an utterly unique series of extraordinary techno thrillers, mixing the intricacies of computer terrorism with edge-of-your-seat non-stop action. “An expert in the field, Mark Russinovich writes about cyberterrorism with a mix of technical authority and dramatic verve,” says William Landay, author of Defending Jacob.

About the Author

About the Author