Lucas Page


Robert Pobi

About this Series

The international bestselling Robert Pobi’s Lucas Page crime thrillers feature “a tough, wise, knowing narrative voice, a great plot, a great setting, and even better characters.” (Lee Child)

In the first book of this gripping police procedural series, City of Windows, the brilliant investigative ex-FBI agent Lucas Page reluctantly agrees to come out of retirement. The reason? To help solve the brutal murder of his former partner, killed in a moving vehicle by an almost impossible sniper shot during a severe blizzard. The weather conditions have erased much of the evidence, but Page, who left the agency years ago after a tragic event robbed him of a leg, an arm, and an eye, takes on the challenge of hunting down this unstoppable sniper.

“Relentless pacing, tight plotting, and a brainy, idiosyncratic new hero make this one a winner.” –Kirkus Reviews.

About the Author

About the Author