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The Moon only looks peaceful from afar. On its unstable surface, competition is fierce among the Five Dragons–the five families that control the Moon’s leading industrial corporations. In the vicious political atmosphere, each clan does everything to gain an advantage over the others: marriages of convenience, espionage, kidnapping, and assassinations. It is nothing less than corporate warfare….and the newest of the Five is about to launch a new campaign.

With “a feel of The Godfather meets A Song of Ice and Fire meets Ender’s Game” (Portland Book Review), Ian McDonald’s near-future space opera series has earned praise and acclaim. Both Luna: New Moon and Luna: Wolf Moon received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, and Luna: Wolf Moon was named an NPR Best Book of the Year.

The Luna Series
1. Luna: New Moon
2. Luna: Wolf Moon
3. Luna: Moon Rising

About the Author

About the Author