Necromancer Series


Lish McBride

About this Series

The award-winning Necromancer Series by young adult author Lish McBride begins with the quirky Hold Me Closer, Necromancer, a hilarious, fast-paced story of your average teenager, Sam LaCroix. Sam works a boring fast-food restaurant job, but when a creepy guy named Douglas, who just so happens to be a necromancer, suddenly comes along due to a food prank gone awry, Sam discovers that he, too, shares this mysterious power to bring the dead back to life. Set in paranormal Seattle, Sam’s talents continue to grow darker and more powerful with the frighteningly funny sequel Necromancing the Stone. “There’s a Mad-magazine-meets-‘Twilight’ sensibility to ‘Hold Me Closer, Necromancer’ that will keep readers turning pages and laughing all the way.” (LA Times)

About the Author

About the Author