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Pigs Might Fly

In Nick Abadzis and Jerel Dye’s young readers graphic novel series, Pigs Might Fly, Lily Leanchops uses a combination of magic and scientific know how to help her father’s flying machines get off the ground. But Warthogs from beyond the mountains are determined to control the skies with their own deadly aircraft, giving Lily no choice but to help the folks of Pigdom Plains earn their wings.

“Abadzis packs his story with porcine wordplay….but it’s the rapid pacing, intense action sequences, and wealth of skilled female characters that will stick with readers.”—Publishers Weekly

  • Pigs Might Fly
    • Pigs Might Fly

    • Pigs Might Fly (Volume 1)
      Written by Nick Abadzis; illustrated by Jerel Dye
      First Second

    • All the sensible hogfolk in Pigdom Plains know that if pigs were meant to fly, they’d have been born with wings—but there’s no convincing Lily Leanchops. The daughter of renowned inventor Hercules...

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Nick Abadzis

Nick Abadzis has been creating comics and stories for both adults and children for nearly thirty years. As both cartoonist and writer, he’s been honored with various international storytelling awards including an Eisner in 2008 for his graphic novel Laika. He is also an editorial consultant, corporate scribe and visual facilitator who has collaborated with large clients such as EY, KPMG, Accenture, Coca-Cola, IBM, General Electric, WOBI and many others.

He’s been published in the USA by Condé Nast, First Second, Marvel Comics, Titan Comics, DC Comics, in the UK by the BBC, various national newspapers including The Guardian, The Times and The Independent, and other periodicals too numerous to mention; elsewhere in Europe by the likes of Dargaud and Glénat, and In Japan by Kodansha. He currently writes Titan Comics’ ongoing monthly series, Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor to great acclaim--several collections have now been published with more to follow. He is British but based in and around New York City where he lives with his wife and daughter.

Jerel Dye

Jerel Dye is a cartoonist, illustrator, and artist living and working in the Boston area. He has been creating comics since 2010 and has produced several self-published mini comics and has created comics stories for anthologies like Inbound, Minimum Paige, Hellbound, and the award winning Little Nemo/Winsor McCay tribute Dream Another Dream. In 2012, he received the MICE comics grant for his mini-comic From the Clouds. Much of his art stems from a deep interest in science and technology though frequently contains a healthy dose of wonder. His illustrations have appeared in various fiction magazines, museum exhibitions, story books, and children's books. In 2015 his work was featured in the art book Sketching from the Imagination: Sci-fi. Jerel Dye received his BFA from Umass Dartmouth in Painting, and his MFA at MassArt in the Studio for Interrelated media. Jerel is also a freelance designer and teaches courses in drawing, cartooning and comics in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Jerel Dye