Puzzle Lady Mysteries


Parnell Hall

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Cora Felton, the Puzzle Lady, who has a nationally syndicated crossword puzzle column and hawks breakfast cereal to schoolchildren on television, is actually a charming fraud who couldn’t solve a crossword with a gun to her head. She is, however, a whiz at crime, and would have no problem helping the Bakerhaven police with the murders that plague that small Connecticut town, just so long as she could tap dance her way around the crossword puzzle clues they are always bringing her to solve. Cora has recently given up drinking and smoking, but has yet to give up men. She’s been married so many times she can’t even remember how many husbands she’s had. The irrepressible and loopy Puzzle Lady has alternately been described as Miss Marple on steroids or Jessica Fletcher meets Groucho Marx.

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About the Author