Saint Philomene's Infirmary for Magical Creatures


W. Stone Cotter

About this Series

W. Stone Cotter’s middle-grade madcap adventure series, Saint Philomene’s Infirmary for Magical Creatures, tells the story of a brother and sister duo who stumble upon a magical underground hospital.

First, twelve-year old Chance Jeopard discovers a secret underground hospital full of magical creatures. Then he learns of a plot to destroy the entire infirmary with all the patients inside it. Now Chance, along with his skeptical sister Pauline, must try to save the hospital—and themselves—before it’s too late! This young readers fantasy series continues with the action-packed sequel Second Chance.

“A suspenseful and humorous adventure that will keep readers entertained throughout. . . [a] wholly enjoyable tale.” —Publishers Weekly

About the Author

About the Author