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Sands of the Emperor

Award-winning author Mia Couto’s Sands of the Emperor trilogy begins with Woman of the Ashes—combining vivid folkloric prose with extensive historical research to give a spellbinding and unsettling account of war-torn Mozambique at the end of the nineteenth century.

As the Portuguese and Africans vie for conquest over the country, soldiers and civilians caught on both sides of the conflict struggle to survive, live, and love in a region haunted by violence.

  • Woman of the Ashes
    • Woman of the Ashes

    • Sands of the Emperor (Volume 1)
      Mia Couto; Translated from the Portuguese by David Brookshaw

    • The first in a trilogy about the last emperor of southern Mozambique by one of Africa’s most important writers

      Southern Mozambique, 1894. Sergeant Germano de Melo is posted to the...

      • Available in:

      • Physical Book
      • eBook

Mia Couto

Mia Couto, born in Beira, Mozambique, in 1955, is one of the most prominent writers in Portuguese-speaking Africa. After studying medicine and biology in Maputo, he worked as a journalist and headed several Mozambican national newspapers and magazines. The author of Confession of the Lioness, The Tuner of Silences, and Sleepwalking Land, among other books, Couto has been awarded several important literary prizes, including the 2014 Neustadt International Prize for Literature, the Premio Camões (the most prestigious Portuguese-language award), the Prémio Vergílio Ferreira, the Prémio União Latina de Literaturas Românicas, and others. He lives in Maputo, where he works as a biologist.

Mia Couto

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