Scripps National Spelling Bee


Tracey West, James K. Hindle, Kris Hirschmann

About this Series

Every year, millions of students compete in classroom spelling bees, vying for a chance to participate in the nationally televised finals. Inspired by these spelling competitions and developed in partnership with the Scripps National Spelling Bee, this collection incorporates interactive exercises to break down the basics of spelling and vocabulary in an engaging and accessible way, with lessons, tips, tricks, and activities designed to make word use fun–and to give kids a glimpse of the strategies spelling champs use to conquer even the hardest words!
Super-short lessons combine with colorful puzzles and fascinating fun facts in the first book in the series, Kris Hirschmann and James Hindle’s Feed Me Words, a food-themed collection of exercises that explore everything from pronunciation and swallowed syllables to homonyms and word origins. Equally vibrant and simple, it’s a book that will appeal to children, parents, and teachers alike.

It’s the Scripps National Spelling Bee’s mission to help students improve their spelling abilities, increase their vocabularies, and develop confidence and skills that will benefit them all their lives. The Scripps National Spelling Bee is the nation’s largest and longest-running educational promotion, and Roaring Brook Press is thrilled to partner with them on this project for early readers.

About the Author

About the Author