Snow Queen


Joan D. Vinge

About this Series

A modern science fiction classic, the Hugo Award-winning Snow Queen series from Joan D. Vinge is a millennia-spanning far future saga.

Every 150 years, the Winter and Summer clans alternate ruling the world of Tiamat. Winter reigns when the wormhole between the planet and the Hegemony, the remnants of an interstellar empire, is open. When the gateway is closed, Summer presides over Tiamat in its isolation. Now, as the end of Winter’s regime approaches, the Snow Queen conspires to keep the Summer Queen from reclaiming the throne.

But beneath the planet’s surface lies the empire’s greatest secret: an enormous forgotten technology that may control the fate of worlds for those who can find it and unlock its secrets…

“Vinge weaves a complex web of tangled love affairs, secret cabals, political intrigue, and high adventure centering around a unique woman and her visionary gift. The breadth and richness of [The Summer Queen] invite comparison with Frank Herbert’s Dune and Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. A masterpiece of world-building.”—Library Journal (starred review)

About the Author

About the Author