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Cat Adams

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In The Blood Singer Novels, vampires roam the alleys of Tinseltown, streetcorner psychics have real powers, and cops use memory enhancement spells.  Bodyguard Celia Graves always thought she was an ordinary human, albeit one with a clairvoyant best friend and a ghostly little sister.  Then a vampire attack turned Celia into an Abomination, forcing her to take food only in liquid form and giving a whole new meaning to the word “sunburn.”  She’s slowly adjusting (therapy sessions and all) when she discovers that the attack awakened a hidden part of her heritage: Celia is part Siren.  Add in the two powerful mages vying for her love, a wicked witch and a demon or two, and Celia’s dysfunctional family, and it’s no wonder that there are times Celia feels like burying her head under the covers.  But she’s got evil to battle and a living to earn . . . .


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About the Author