The Bright Sessions


Lauren Shippen

About this Series

Instead of becoming a superhero, a teenager with superpowers copes with his unusual gifts through therapy in The Bright Sessions series, based on the award-winning podcast by creator and writer Lauren Shippen.

Caleb Michaels is a champion high school running back. But he’s also an “Atypical,” possessing empathic abilities who finds himself inadvertently tuning in and overwhelmed by his classmates’ emotional roller coasters. With help from his therapist Dr. Bright, Caleb learns more about his powers—only to discover that Dr. Bright knows even more about being “Atypical” than she is willing to reveal.

The Infinite Noise is a marvelous book about love, mental health, and connection. Lauren Shippen writes with a clean and honest warmth that is deeply refreshing, and her sharp representation of depression and anxiety rings true.”— Hugo Award winning author Sarah Gailey

About the Author

About the Author