The Dreambird Chronicles


Lucinda Roy

About this Series

The Dreambird Chronicles is Lucinda Roy’s explosive first foray into speculative fiction, is poignant blend of subjugation, resistance, and hope.

Nothing is more threatening to the status quo than dreams honed by injustice, and a girl who dreams herself Free. Caged in the plantation-inspired Homestead Territories, in the heart of the former States United, kitchen-seed Jellybean “Ji-ji” Lottermule and those she loves embark on an impossible journey to Freedom – an archetypal flight into a world of dreams.

“American magic-realism meets the outcome of the Second U.S. Civil War in a well-told, but brutally jolting, strangely prescient, and soul-haunting narrative.” — L. E. Modesitt, Jr., bestselling author of the Saga of Recluce series

About the Author

About the Author