The Greenhollow Duology


Emily Tesh

About this Series

Emily Tesh’s Greenhollow Duology takes place in a gaslamp, Victorian-inspired secondary world that calls on the rich folklore of pastoral England, particularly the Green Man legends, with a light touch and a modern sensibility. It’s a compelling blend of myth, mystery, romance, action, and heartbreak, all wrapped up in beautiful, polished prose.


“A wildly evocative and enchanting story of old forests, forgotten gods, and new love. Just magnificent.”—Jenn Lyons

“Tesh lured me into her rich fairytale narrative with the warmth and strangeness, then hooked me on her intricate characters. Silver in the Wood is a novella of quiet yearning and old secrets, gentle woodsmen and fierce dryads and mothers you really shouldn’t mess with.”—Kerstin Hall


About the Author

About the Author