The Harp and Ring Sequence


Ilana C. Myer, Alison McKenna

About this Series

Ilana C. Myer’s lyrical, high fantasy series The Harp and Ring Sequence tells the tale of a gifted young poet, Kimbralin Amaristoth, who leaves her hate-filled family behind to pursue her dreams under an alias in the capital city of Tamryllin. But as the annual poetry and song festival begins, a dark power rises, causing a plague to spread. Can Lin and her new bard friends recover the lost magic of the Otherworld and enchant their harps with musical word-spells to restore balance to the land of Eivar?

“Court intrigue and shadowy power spread through a richly described world, with strong characters and intricate prose to construct this absorbing plot…Myer’s sequel to Last Song Before Night is as powerful as its predecessor.” — Library Journal on Fire Dance

About the Author

About the Author