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The Invincible Haggard West

The Death of Haggard West presents a sneak peek in pamphlet comic form of the first volume of Battling Boy, the electrifying graphic novel series from comics legend Paul Pope. This limited-edition one-off comic includes exclusive content that will not be found Battling: a spectacular cover and original diagrams from Battling Boy creator Paul Pope.

  • The Death of Haggard West
    • The Death of Haggard West

    • The Invincible Haggard West (Volume 1)
      Paul Pope
      First Second

    • Attention, citizens of the monster-ridden city-planet Arcopolis! The Death of Haggard West is the final installment in the legendary Invincible Haggard West comics series,...

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Paul Pope

Paul Pope is the acclaimed author-illustrator of Batman: Year 100, Heavy Liquid, and 100%. Known for his frenetic, high-energy artwork and action-packed, genre-bending storytelling, Pope has won three Eisner Awards. He lives and works in New York City.