The Kanin Chronicles


Amanda Hocking

About this Series

In New York Times bestselling author Amanda Hocking’s young adult paranormal romance Kanin Chronicles, an outcast demonstrates her loyalty—and her love—for a land and a people unwilling to fully accept her.

Bryn Aven is a half-blood, unable to hold a respectable rank in Kanin society. Nonetheless, she is a loyal protector of the kingdom, and her superior, Ridley Dresden—a man she’s grown to love despite a relationship between them being forbidden.

Together, they must save Kanin from a brutal enemy. But their mission reveals a long-hidden secret about the kingdom that changes Bryn’s place in it forever.

“Amanda Hocking always has interesting, intense and beautiful storylines. This trilogy is a must-read for people looking for something a bit different. We have a beautiful heroine…and trolls! Trylle fans will also love the crossover of their favorite characters and seeing them interact with Bryn. All in all, Bryn’s story is engrossing and will keep readers clutching their books and e-readers.” —USA

About the Author

About the Author