The Lunar Chronicles


Marissa Meyer, Erin Siu

About this Series

Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles is a New York Times–bestselling series of five young adult novels that reimagine classic fairytales in a futuristic world where humans, androids, and cyborgs coexist. Beginning with Cinder, a teenage cyborg named Cinder deals with her wicked step-mother, finds love, and discovers secrets about herself. As the series continues, Cinder forges an alliance with Scarlet, a spaceship pilot; Cress, an imprisoned computer hacker; and Winter, a Lunar princess. Along with a diverse crew that includes a soldier, a criminal, and a royal guard, they must work together to rise up against the evil Queen Levana to possibly save the country and even the world.
“In an interesting mash-up of fairy tales and science fiction, the book is a cross between Cinderella, The Terminator, and Star Wars.” —Entertainment Weekly, for Cinder

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About the Author