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The Medusa Cycle

A generation starship headed to the forbidden planet of Graveyard has awakened a massive and ancient trio of A.I.s known as The Three. There’s a reason that the Alliance of Ancient Races made Graveyard off-limits.

  • Medusa Uploaded
    • Medusa Uploaded

    • The Medusa Cycle (Volume 1)
      Emily Devenport

    • Medusa Uploaded by Emily Devenport offers readers a fast-paced science fiction thriller on the limits of power and control, and the knife-edge between killing for revenge or a greater...

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      • eBook

Emily Devenport

EMILY DEVENPORT has written several novels under various pseudonyms including one which was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick award. She is currently studies Geology and works as a volunteer at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. Emily is the author of Medusa Uploaded.

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