The Redwinter Chronicles


Ed McDonald

About this Series

From the author of the critically-acclaimed Blackwing trilogy comes Ed McDonald’s The Redwinter Chronicles, a brilliant, action-packed fantasy series.

In the first epic book, Daughter of Redwinter, Raine, who can see—and speak—to the dead, must do everything she can to save her own skin. But when she rescues an injured woman, who was fleeing from Redwinter, the fortress-monastery of warrior magicians who answer to no one, and who will stop at nothing to reclaim what this woman’s stolen, Raine realizes this random act of kindness might just be the most dangerous decision she’s ever made. Forced to join the citadel, she soon learns that her secret ability could be the key to saving an entire nation.

Daughter of Redwinter has it all: enigmatic characters, shady politics, secret cults, ancient evils, and a young woman grappling with her own shattered identity while navigating a world in which no one is quite what they seem.”—Nicholas Eames, author of Kings of the Wyld

About the Author

About the Author