The Silver Trilogy


Kerstin Gier

About this Series

When Liv Silver’s mother moves her family to London and drops the bomb that she’s going to be getting married, Liv expects that to be the biggest thing to happen to her in her new home. But then she starts having weird dreams. Dreams that she’s not entirely sure are dreams and that include her soon-to-be stepbrother and his three friends. Determined to see what these boys want from her and how they could possibly know personal details about her, Liv sets out to find out the mystery behind her dreams – and maybe find some romance on the way. Beginning with Dream a Little Dream, Kerstin Gier’s The Silver Trilogy is a fun young adult fantasy full of romance, adventure, and danger.
“Feisty Liv conveys the curiosity, humor and bewilderment of a contemporary schoolgirl navigating a strange dream world while coping with her first romantic crush.” —Kirkus Reviews for Dream a Little Dream

About the Author

About the Author