Valentino Mysteries


Loren D. Estleman

About this Series

Valentino, mild-mannered film archivist, just wants to restore a decrepit movie palace to its old Hollywood glory—but a skeleton in the closet prevents progress and the renovation is killing him with debt. That skeleton—and the reel of rare film sitting next to it, starts Val sleuthing not just film, but murder. If he doesn’t solve the mystery of that skeleton, the police would wrench the valuable reels from his eager hands. And if the police take it, conditions would almost certainly ruin the delicate film.

Since then, he’s done his amateur sleuthing when he has to—always to save, or to get hold of rare film while trying to finish renovating his beloved white elephant, the once-majestic Oracle. Between his regular job, his new extracurricular activities, his brilliant but possibly insane mentor, the estimable Professor Broadhead and the hangers-on and flaked-out film freaks who want to help him, Valentino has his hands full of murder, mayhem, and maybe some great gems of film history.


About the Author

About the Author