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Solar Express

Solar Express

L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

Tor Science Fiction



Mass Market Paperbound

Solar Express, the thrilling, new, hard science fiction novel from New York Times bestselling author L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

You can't militarize space. This one rule has led to decades of peaceful development of space programs worldwide. However, increasing resource scarcity and a changing climate on Earth's surface is causing some interested parties to militarize, namely India, the North American Union, and the Sinese Federation.

The discovery of a strange artifact by Dr. Alayna Wong precipitates a crisis. What appears to be a hitherto undiscovered comet is soon revealed to be an alien structure on a cometary trajectory toward the sun. Now there is a race between countries to see who can study and control the artifact dubbed the "Solar Express" before it perhaps destroys itself.

Leading the way for the North American Union is Alayna's friend, Captain Christopher Tavoian, one of the first shuttle pilots to be trained for combat in space. But, as the alien craft gets closer to its destination, it begins to alter the surface of the sun in strange new ways, ways that could lead Alayna to revolutionary discoveries—provided Chris can prevent war from breaking out as he navigates among the escalating tensions between nations.

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Solar Express




23 MARCH 2114

Alayna Wong-Grant turned her head from the screen wall that could hold more than a dozen displays at once and glanced down at the antique console before...


Praise for Solar Express

“A tale set a century from now that is unlike anything he has written before...This is a quiet tale of normal scientists working with a strange object... I found the tale fascinating.” —Philadelphia Free Press

“Solid science and careful world-building.” —io9

“Anyone that enjoys a rousing tale of action and adventure will enjoy this tale. There is also a vibe of classic space adventure with a puzzle waiting to be solved and human nature and curiosity is as great a threat as the natural forces and rival nations.” —SF Revu

“A quick and enthralling read.” —Daily Kos

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About the author

L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

L. E. MODESITT, JR., is the bestselling author of more than sixty novels encompassing two science fiction series and three fantasy series, including the Saga of Recluce (The Magic of Recluce, The Towers of Sunset, and The Magic Engineer) and the Imager Portfolio (Imager, Imager's Challenge, and Imager's Intrigue). He lives in Cedar City, Utah.

L. E. Modesitt Jr.

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