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The Finale in the Shadow Falls: After Dark Trilogy
COMING 10/27
A story Reborn. A journey Eternal. A love Unspoken.
©2015 St. Martin’s Press. All rights reserved.
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A story
©2014 St. Martin’s Press. All rights reserved.
A journey
The Shadow Falls After Dark Series
A love
When a mysterious vampire arrives at camp, Della's world is thrown into turmoil.
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Della is determined to prove herself as a paranormal investigator—all the while trying to figure out her own heart.
Belladonna can see ghosts but must find out why all of them—including her dead parents—have suddenly disappeared.
 Della  Kylie  Miranda  Jenny  Holiday  Burnett  Steve  Chase  Lucas  Derek  Perry DellaSpunky, sassy, and vampire, her quick wit and verbal comebacks will make you smile. She regularly comes across too blunt with others while always trying to hide her own pain. Her brusqueness is often a product of her honesty, even when a little less truth might have sufficed. Loyal to those she cares about, she’ll be there for you in the blink of an eye.Fears: While no longer human, she suffers from a very human trait: Fear of failure. Second to that fear is another that is even more emotionally crippling—that the world and the people she cares about will see her as a monster. You see, deep down, Della still hasn’t completely embraced the fact that she’s vampire. Oh, and ghosts. It appears they have a thing for her now and she’s not too thrilled about it.Quests: To define her own destiny even if that means bumping heads with Fate, who seems to have Her own ideas. To regain everything she lost when she turned into a vampire—family and self-respect.Romantic Status: Unable to commit, but working on it.Kylie A chameleon, a ghost whisperer, and a protector. One of Della’s best friends and confidants, whose compassion and gentle approach to life Della wishes she could emulate.Fears: That she’s not wise or strong enough to fill the shoes of a protector, a role she didn’t ask for, but inherited from her father who died before her birth.Quests: To live life to the fullest and to help her own kind, chameleons, to make their mark in the world while still fulfilling her responsibilities as a protector.Romantic Status: Committed to a stubborn, overprotective werewolf who struggles accepting that its Kylie’s job to protect others no matter what danger it brings upon herself.MirandaA dyslexic witch whose powers have yet to be completely mastered. Fun and flirty, the girl has a flair for drama, but a heart of gold.Fears: That she’ll never overcome her disability, and therefore it will define her, instead of her defining who and what she really wants to be.Quests: To show her mom and herself that being dyslexic doesn’t mean she can’t be successful and be her own person.Romantic Status: Happily committed to one of the most powerful shape-shifters known, but worried something is stopping them from deepening the relationship.JennyA powerful chameleon who’s lived most of her life on a Chameleon compound trying to hide her very existence. Like most chameleons, she dreads being in the limelight, and yet she’s hungry to experience the life that she has been cheated of.Fears: That to find herself in the world means losing a part of her identity and her family.Quests: To discover who she is and her real potential.Romantic Status: Interested in a sweet, safe but oftentimes annoying fae, but afraid he’s only into her because she reminds him of his ex.HolidayA caring, nurturing fae, who is an empath with an amazing gift to communicate with the living and the dead.Fears: That caring for people hampers her ability to be logical.Quests: To help all supernatural teens accept themselves and their gifts and to get along with each other.Romantic Status: Married to one of the most hardheaded, but loving and sexy vampires alive.BurnettA badass vampire who’s overprotective, sucks at communicating—but is working on it—and cares deeply. Oh, and hardheaded.Fears: Losing those he loves, or not being deserving of their love—especially considering his own parents didn’t want him.Quests: Keep everyone he loves and cares about safe—even if he’s infuriating them doing it.Romantic Status: Married to the most wonderful fae, who is constantly trying his patience. But he’d kill for her and his child she’s carrying.Steve A powerful shape-shifter who is quiet, dependable, and determined when he sets his mind on something. He unintentionally downplays his power as a supernatural because his parents raised him to live in the human world. A rule follower by nature, he’s learning that sometimes to get what you want, you have to color outside the lines.Fears: That who he wants to be and what he wants to do with his life has been tainted by his upbringing and his parents’ expectations of him.Quests: Unlike his parents, who feel their place is in the human world, he longs to blaze his own trail in the supernatural world. But is his desire to be a doctor his own, or is it something in his past pushing him down that road?Romantic Status: Wants to be committed to a smart-mouthed vampire chick who lives life on the edge, but is unable to commit.Chase A mysterious and amazingly powerful vampire with more secrets than a rogue were has fleas, who shows up at Shadow Falls and wins Burnett’s respect and Della’s suspicions.Fears: Letting someone too close. He’s lost too much in life—his entire family—to let himself care about too much. The one person who has his loyalty is his rescuer. But what happens if someone slips under his guard? What happens when it becomes his job to care?Quests: To complete the jobs he’s expected to do and eventually fill the void he feels at the loss of his family.Romantic Status: Unsure, but willing to give it a shot with the right person.Lucas A stubborn yet extremely loyal werewolf, now a member of the Were council. He fought tradition and has chosen his soul mate, a chameleon, in spite of his pack’s belief that he must marry another were to keep their blood line pure.Fears: That his own pride might get in the way of his own happiness the way it almost did in his past.Quests: To force his own kind, weres, to see that they must change their ways and get along with the other species in the supernatural world.Romantic Status: Committed to his soul mate.Derek Kindhearted, sweet, and smart…the kind of guy girls like, but seem to leave. He’s half fae, half human, and his special gifts include being an empath to animals as well as humans and supernaturals.Fears: That the people he loves will always walk away like his dad walked away from his mom.Quests: To embrace his powers and use them to the best advantage. To help those dealing with emotional pain to heal without losing a part of himself.Romantic Status: Has a girl in mind and is working on a plan to win her heart.Perry A sweet yet powerful shape-shifter abandoned by his parents at an early age. As a child, he had a hard time co-existing in the human world due to his inability to control his shifts. Witty and the class clown, he learned to hide his emotions with a joke.Fears: That deep down there’s something broken about him and he deserved to be abandoned and it will probably happen again.Quests: To become worthy of other’s respect and to eventually control his powers enough to work more FRU cases.Romantic Status: Committed to the most amazing witch, but waiting to be told that she wants someone better. And if he truly gives his heart to her, can he survive her rejection?  
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The breathtaking finale in the After Dark trilogy—all will be revealed.
Coming 10/27