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Stay Younger, Smarter, Healthier

Stay Younger, Smarter, Healthier

How to Add 10 Good Years to Your Life

Healthy Home Library

Deborah Mitchell

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Stay Younger, Smarter, Healthier

Deborah Mitchell

What is the secret to looking and feeling younger?

Which foods can help improve my health and longevity?

How can I boost my energy and sharpen mymind?

What can I do today to enjoy a better life tomorrow?

If you'd like to add 10 good years—in 10 easy steps—then jump-start your life with thisrevitalizing program for your body, mind, and spirit…



Make Age-Defying Food Choices

Would you be willing to change your eating habits today, right now, if you knew the modifications you made could extend your life by ten healthy years or more? Okay, no one can guarantee...


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About the author

Deborah Mitchell

Deborah Mitchell is a widely published health journalist. She is the author or coauthor of more than three dozen books on health topics, including seven books for St. Martin's Press's Healthy Home Library (The Family Guide to Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements,52 Foods and Supplements for a Healthy Heart, 25 Medical Tests Your Doctor Should Tell You About, A Woman's Guide to Vitamins, Herbs, and Supplements,The Complete Book of Nutritional Healing; How To Live Well with Early Alzheimer's, and The Concise Encyclopedia of Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health) as well as The Wonder of Probiotics (coauthored with John R.Taylor, N.D.), Foods That Combat Aging, Your Ideal Supplement Plan in Three Easy Steps, and What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Back Pain (coauthored with Debra Weiner, M.D.).

Deborah Mitchell

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