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The Genius of the System

The Genius of the System

Hollywood Filmmaking in the Studio Era

Thomas Schatz; With a Preface by Steven Bach

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At a time when the studio is making a stunning comeback, film historian Thomas Schatz provides an indispensable account of Hollywood's tradional blend of business and art. This book lays to rest the persistent myth that businesspeople and producers stifle artistic talent and reveals instead the genius of a system of collaboration and conflict. Working from industry documents, Schatz traces the development of house styles, the rise and fall of careers, and the making-and unmaking-of movies, from Frankenstein to Spellbound to Grand Hotel. Richly illustrated and highly readable, The Genius of the System gives the definitive view of the workings of the Old Hollywood and the foundations of the New.


Praise for The Genius of the System

“There was much to criticize in the Hollywood system, and much to marvel at. But one can't do either without the means to make sense of it. This book provides that.” —Elizabeth Kendall, The New York Times Book Review

“Brings the pace and confusion and inspiration of filmmaking to life...Schatz has made a lasting contribution to film history.” —Directors Guild of America Newsletter

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