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The Happiness Tree

The Happiness Tree

Celebrating the Gifts of Trees We Treasure

Andrea Alban Gosline; Illustrated by Lisa Burnett Bossi

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This celebration of one of Earth's most precious resources embraces the beauty of trees and brings them to life with attributes sure to resonate with readers of all ages: peace, generosity, love, and happiness. With a detailed index of state trees, THE HAPPINESS TREE is a welcome reminder that everything good begins right here.

Florida Reading Association Children's Book Award Master List, FL Reading Assoc Children's Book Award ML


"Everything good begins with me,"
the acorn told its mother tree,
and drifted on the dancing breeze,
to find a cloak of golden leaves.


Praise for The Happiness Tree

“Beautiful…the jewel-toned illustrations of the natural world immediately draw the eye….handsomely illustrated.” —School Library Journal

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About the author

Andrea Alban Gosline; Illustrated by Lisa Burnett Bossi

Andrea Alban Gosline and Lisa Bossi are the co-creators of inspirational books, greeting cards, and guided journals. Written with heart by Andrea, and transformed with a lush palette by Lisa, their creative works draws on a love of family and nature's wonders. They are also the author and illustrator of January's Child: A Birthday Month Book (Scholastic, January 2007), Ten Little Wishes (Harper, Spring 2007), and Celebrating Motherhood (Conari Press, 2002).

Andrea Alban Gosline

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Lisa Burnett Bossi

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Lisa Burnett Bossi

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