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The Insiders

The Insiders

A Portfolio of Stories from High Finance

David Charters

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In this remarkable debut collection of short stories, David Charters reveals the secretive world of international bankers, brokers, and business executives with an insider's acuity. Sharp suits, fast cars, lavish expense accounts, and exclusive clubs are the comforts of lives lived at a furious pace, where betrayal and blackmail are paths to success, extramarital sex is an equal opportunity job perk, and an initial public offering might be a matter of life or death.

An ambitious middle manager offers his wife to his new boss. An overheard conversation between two powerful executives leads to unexpected consequences for the eavesdropper. A cocky young investment banker is sent to Moscow on his first big opportunity---and finds more than he bargained for. A Ferrari-driving businesswoman plays a wicked prank after an anonymous sexual encounter. These and other characters are brought to life with a few deft brushstrokes, as each story veers through twists and turns to a surprising end.

David Charters is a keen-eyed observer and denizen of this world, and the stories of The Insiders are witty, suspenseful, entertaining---and too close to truth for comfort.


Praise for The Insiders

“A rip-roaring ride through the executive suites of highest high finance. I can't remember when I enjoyed a book as much as The Insiders. It reads fast and furious with enough laughs to keep you from worrying if everything Mr. Charters says is actually true. I can't recommend the book enough. A brilliant performance.” —Christopher Reich, author of The Devil's Banker and The First Billion

“Charters . . . has written twenty-five well-turned tales. The dialogue rings most true at its most outrageous.” —Financial News (U.K.)

“No tale is quite what it seems, leaving the reader surprised, shocked, or gleeful at the come-uppance and putdowns.” —The View (U.K)

“[A] finely honed fist of short stories.” —What's On London (U.K.)

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About the author

David Charters

David Charters worked five years in the British Foreign Office, and later became managing director of Deutsche Bank's Equity Capital Markets team, where he oversaw the flotation of and France Telecom. He is also the cofounder of The Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust. He is married, has six children, and lives in London.

David Charters

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David Charters

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