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The Masque of a Murderer

The Masque of a Murderer

A Mystery

Lucy Campion Mysteries (Volume 3)

Susanna Calkins

Minotaur Books



Trade Paperback

In Susanna Calkins's next richly drawn mystery set in 17th century England, Lucy Campion, formerly a ladies' maid in the local magistrate's household, has now found gainful employment as a printer's apprentice. On a freezing winter afternoon in 1667, she accompanies the magistrate's daughter, Sarah, to the home of a severely injured Quaker man to record his dying words, a common practice of the time. The man, having been trampled by a horse and cart the night before, only has a few hours left to live. Lucy scribbles down the Quaker man's last utterances, but she's unprepared for what he reveals to her—that someone deliberately pushed him into the path of the horse, because of a secret he had recently uncovered.

Fearful that Sarah might be traveling in the company of a murderer, Lucy feels compelled to seek the truth, with the help of the magistrate's son, Adam, and the local constable. But delving into the dead man's background might prove more dangerous than any of them had imagined.

In The Masque of a Murderer, Susanna Calkins has once again combined finely wrought characters, a richly detailed historical atmosphere, and a tightly-plotted mystery into a compelling read.

Agatha Awards - Nominee, Macavity Award - Nominee



"Let me tell you!" Lucy Campion shouted, trying to make her voice heard against the rising wind. She scrambled onto the overturned barrel outside of Master Aubrey's printer's shop. "Of a murder most absurd!"

A few passersby...


Praise for The Masque of a Murderer

“Richly detailed…[Combining] an intricate plot and an amiable, intelligent and courageous heroine, Calkins' debut leaves the reader eagerly anticipating Lucy's next sleuthing adventure in what promises to be a first-rate historical series.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Calkins's debut brings London on the eve of the Great Plague to vivid life…the high quality writing augurs well for future outings.” —Publishers Weekly

“Calkins makes Lucy's efforts to find the [killer] entirely plausible, leading to a nail-biter climax . . . This history-mystery delivers a strong heroine making her way through the social labyrinth of Restoration London.” —Booklist

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About the author

Susanna Calkins

SUSANNA CALKINS became fascinated with seventeenth-century England while pursuing her doctorate in British history and uses her fiction to explore this chaotic period. Originally from Philadelphia, Calkins now lives outside of Chicago with her husband and two sons. The Masque of a Murderer is her third novel.

Susanna Calkins

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