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Too Late for Angels

Too Late for Angels

An Augusta Goodnight Mystery (with recipes)

Augusta Goodnight Mysteries (Volume 5)

Mignon F. Ballard

Minotaur Books




Things in the town of Stone's Throw, South Carolina, rarely get much spicier than the extra red pepper Lucy Nan Pilgrim sprinkles into her homemade cheese straws. So when an elderly but surprisingly childlike woman calling herself Shirley shows up on Lucy's doorstep looking for her mama, Lucy thinks it must be another of her friend Ellis's pranks. But Ellis doesn't know a thing about it, and what's more, the two suspect the woman might be Ellis's cousin, Florence, who disappeared as a child more than fifty years earlier.

When the mysterious woman vanishes from Lucy's house, she and Ellis don't know what to think. And considering that Calpernia Hemphill, the town's theater and music aficionado, has just been found dead of an apparent fall from the tower at Bertram's Folly, life in Stone's Throw suddenly seems less safe than sinister.

Luckily, guardian angel Augusta Goodnight shows up to calm Lucy's nerves (with a basket of strawberry muffins, of course). And not a moment too soon, because Shirley/Florence is found dead at the bottom of a steep flight of steps in the parking lot behind the Methodist church.

She is not the last victim, and Ellis, whose inheritance could be threatened by the reappearance of her long-lost cousin, remains the number-one suspect. Augusta, Lucy, and the Thursday Morning Literary Society (which now meets on Monday afternoons) must use their heads---and a little bit of home cooking---to solve the mystery.


Where's Mama? Is she here?"

The woman who stood on her porch would never see sixty again, Lucy Nan Pilgrim thought. Then she smiled. This was one of Ellis's pranks. Her friend had teased her about advertising...


Praise for Too Late for Angels

“Ballard's inspiring series, featuring guardian angel Augusta Goodnight, deserves a golden halo.” —Carolyn Hart

“Augusta has got to be one of the cleverest and wittiest angels ever to grace a cozy mystery!” —Baldwin [Kansas] Ledger

“Ballard's warmth and compassion for her characters make this series a must for readers who like their mysteries on the cozy side.” —Publishers Weekly

“A charming, oftentimes whimsical small-town angelic cozy starring characters that are so delightful and amusing, readers will want to finish the book in one sitting.” —Midwest Book Review on The Angel Whispered Danger

“A true cozy with an added heavenly element.” —Mystery News on The Angel Whispered Danger

“A heartwarming cozy with the right mix of wacky characters and small-town charm.” —Southern Scribe on Shadow of an Angel

“Keeps you reading with an offbeat succession of small-town characters and Augusta's quirky warmth.” —The Charlotte Observer on An Angel To Die For

“Light, bouncy prose, small-town Southern perspective and characters, and a most fetching angel make this first volume . . . a real charmer.” —Library Journal on Angel at Troublesome Creek

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About the author

Mignon F. Ballard

Mignon F. Ballard lives in Fort Mill, South Carolina, with her husband. She is the author of the award-winning children's novel Aunt Matilda's Ghost and several acclaimed mysteries, including Raven Rock, Final Curtain, and Deadly Promise, as well as The War in Sallie's Station, a novel about growing up during World War II. Too Late for Angels is the fifth in her Augusta Goodnight mystery series.

Mignon F. Ballard

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