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The Dolphin Letters, 1970-1979

The Dolphin Letters

January 30, 2020

Join poet and editor Saskia Hamilton as she discusses her work editing The Dolphin Letters, 1970-1979: Elizabeth Hardwick, Robert Lowell, and Their Circle.

Survival Is a Style Christian Wiman

Survival Is a Style

February 4, 2020

Meet award-winning author and poet Christian Wiman as he introduces his latest collection of poetry, Survival Is a Style.

If Men, Then Eliza Griswold

If Men, Then

February 13, 2020

Meet Pulitzer Prize-winning author Eliza Griswold (Amity and Prosperity) as she introduces her latest collection of poetry, If Men, Then.

Living Weapon Rowan Ricardo Phillips

Living Weapon

February 13, 2020

Meet award-winning poet Rowan Ricardo Phillips as he introduces his latest collection of poetry, Living Weapon.

Indelicacy Amina Cain


February 11-19, 2020

Meet short story writer Amina Cain as she introduces Indelicacy, her debut novel of gender roles, privilege, and the evolution of an artist.

The American People: Volume 2 Larry Kramer

The American People: Volume 2

February 26, 2020

Meet Larry Kramer, renowned playwright, author, and founder of ACT UP, as he introduces The American People, Volume 2: The Brutality of Fact, the second half of his epic re-telling of American history, revised and re-invented to focus on little-known facts, possibilities, and conjectures.

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