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Smart Kids, Bad Schools

38 Ways to Save America's Future

Brian Crosby

St. Martin's Griffin

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ISBN10: 0312587635
ISBN13: 9780312587635

Trade Paperback

320 Pages



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In Smart Kids, Bad Schools, award-winning author and educator Brian Crosby draws on his twenty years as a high school English teacher to offer a candid appraisal of why our schools are failing and what we must do to save them. Crosby's no-holds-barred critique of the broken education system leaves no stone unturned: he is unapologetic and uncompromising in his exposé of how teachers, administrators, unions, and parents all play a part in this national tragedy.

Crosby offers 38 ideas to save America's future and his proposed remedies are revolutionary. He recommends bold measures, such as lengthening the school day and school year, forcing parents to volunteer at schools, abolishing homework, outlawing teachers unions, and cutting special education funding. The result is a book that is likely to inflame passions on all sides of the political spectrum, and, in the process, introduce new ideas to a debate that is in dire need of them.


Praise for Smart Kids, Bad Schools

"In this fast moving shake 'em up book, public school teacher, Brian Crosby, manages to enlighten, infuriate, stimulate, irritate and maybe energize readers who want to do the right things for our children but have never given themselves the time to think about how it can be done down at the old school house. He gives committed readers plenty of chores, chances and choices to make a comprehensive difference. If Crosby makes you angry or horrified, he'll at least make you think and that trait is always a good precedent for action."—Ralph Nader

"Brian Crosby knows how vital it is that our kids get well-educated. Lots of people know that. But Crosby tells us what to do about it in a book that is at once cogent, readable, and provocative."—Ben Wattenberg, host of the weekly PBS program Think Tank with Ben Wattenberg and author of Fighting Words

"Crosby, a California high school English teacher with 17 years experience, wants America to fix its ailing educational system. His earlier book, The $100,000 Teacher, focused on paying teachers better to encourage better performance; this latest proposes a broader range of changes, from student behavior to a basic rethinking of how quality education should be assessed. After explaining that he's arguing for a complete overhaul of the system, not some marginal tweaking of the rules, Crosby sets out his 38-point plan, in 38 brief chapters. He begins simply: building more inviting-looking schools, ending social promotion, enticing experienced teachers to troubled schools and reviving vocational education as an option for the non-college bound. These widely acceptable ideas buffer the shock from some of his more heterodox ideas—banning teacher unions, recognizing excellence in teaching with merit bonuses, ending teacher tenure, cutting special education spending, ending compulsory education after the ninth grade and giving up on smaller class sizes, because there simply aren't enough great teachers to staff twice as many classrooms. Crosby speaks from a world of experience; his ‘political incorrectness' may bother some readers, but many will appreciate his honesty and his willingness to think outside the box."—Publishers Weekly

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Smart Kids, Bad Schools

The Way Schools Need to Be Restructured
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About the author

Brian Crosby

Brian Crosby is a National Board Certified, twenty-year veteran high school English teacher in the Los Angeles area. He is the author of The $100,000 Teacher, which was chosen as the Best Education Book of the Year by ForeWord magazine. Mr. Crosby, who recently founded the American Education Association, speaks regularly on education issues and is a frequent commentator on television. He lives in Burbank, California, with his wife, two sons and dog.

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