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The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

A Novel

B. Traven


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ISBN10: 1250625173
ISBN13: 9781250625175

Trade Paperback

320 Pages



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Little is known for certain about B. Traven. Evidence suggests that he was born Otto Feige in Schlewsig-Holstein and that he escaped a death sentence for his involvement with the anarchist underground in Bavaria. Traven spent most of his adult life in Mexico, where, under various names, he wrote several bestsellers and was an outspoken defender of the rights of Mexico's indigenous people. He was a favorite writer of Albert Einstein and is thought by many critics to have been the inspiration for Benno von Archimboldi, the hero of Roberto Bolaño's award-winning epic 2666. First published in 1935, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is Traven's most famous and enduring work, the dark, savagely ironic, and riveting story of three down-and-out Americans hunting for gold in Sonora.


Praise for The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

"Traven's philosophical anarchism, his disengagement, his scorn for regimentation and material goods and his love of individual liberty and the primitive past could, conceivably, command as much reverence form the new generation as does Henry David Thoreau."—William Weber Johnson, Los Angeles Times

"Forceful, pointed, written with precision and clarity, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is as fresh and powerful as at its first appearance."—David W. Read, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"He tells his story better than the best storytellers; delves deeper into characters than most so-called psychological writers. All the virility, terseness and tension that Hemingway worked so hard for . . . seem to be Traven's by birthright."—John Anthony West, Books and Bookmen

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About the author

B. Traven

B. Traven (1882-1969) is the pen name of the most enigmatic writer of the twentieth century. His other aliases include Hal Croves, Traven Torsvan and Ret Marut. Born in Germany, Traven spent much of his adult life in Mexico. He once wrote, "I shall always and at all times prefer to be pissed on by dogs than reveal who I am." He has sold over thirty million books, in over thirty languages. Film adaptations of his work include The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, which won 3 Oscars, Macario, the first Oscar nominated Mexican film, and The Death Ship, a cult classic in Germany. He is a model for Archimboldi, the hero of Roberto Bolaño's 2666.

B. Traven


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