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Steve Backshall's Venom

Steve Backshall

Bloomsbury Natural History

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ISBN10: 1472930266
ISBN13: 9781472930262


160 Pages



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Poison is an everyday part of the animal world, and an essential tool for hunting and defense. A wide variety of insects, reptiles, and amphibians use toxins to subdue their prey or to stop becoming prey to another predator. Even some mammals and birds resort to poison as a means of securing a meal or deterring attack!

From species such as the King Cobra, Lionfish, Fat-tail Scorpion, and Poison Dart-frog to the diminutive but lethal Black Widow Spider, the author takes a fascinating look at the different types of natural venoms. On a tour of the world's continents, he looks at over 60 of the most venomous creatures, describing their main characteristics and explaining how they administer their venom and what its effects are. Stunning color photographs and exciting accounts of Steve's own encounters with some of these animals bring the world of natural venom alive.

About the author

Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall is a presenter on BBC TV's Deadly 60, Lost Land of . . . series and Really Wild Show. An experienced naturalist, Backshall has studied venomous animals for many years and has traveled extensively across the world to see them in action in their natural habitat. He has also written the bestselling Deadly 60 and Wildlife Adventurer's Guide. He lives in Buckinghamshire, England.