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Validate Me Quick, I'm Double Parked!

Validate Me Quick, I'm Double Parked!

A Shirley You Can Do It Book

Toni Sorenson Brown

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Shirley, you can do it!

What do you get when you combine a mother, a wife, and a friend, with a helping of humor, a smidgen of self-help, and a dash of dead-on wisdom? You get Shirley, a woman just like you: looking for answers, trying to stretch the 24-hour day a little bit longer, and constantly seeking to better herself, even when her "self" is just fine as it is. Now, in this hilarious, home-hitting new series, you can follow Shirley through the adventure that is daily life-- and you just might learn a few things about yourself along the way...

With three kids, a husband, a business, and a never-ending pile of dirty dishes, Shirley rarely if ever feels adequate. That's because on top of everything she does for her family, Shirley is constantly seeking validation: from them, from her mother, her high-school English teacher, her milkman-- anyone and everyone. So it makes perfect sense to dial the number she sees on an infomercial, 1-900-VALDATE. That should do the trick. And to Shirley's surprise, it does. But in some very unexpected ways...


Praise for Validate Me Quick, I'm Double Parked!

“I love a book that has me laughing and crying...all on the same page. Toni's books will move you to that, page after page.” —Marie Osmond

“The reason the Shirley books are so heartwarming is the plot is drawn from real life and the characters from people we all know and love.” —Larry King

“It is a small treasure with a large impact. It can be read in one evening and savored for many nights to come...Validate Me Quick is like finding a new friend that understands how the daily frustrations of life can sometimes become overwhelming.” —Davis County Clipper (Utah)

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About the author

Toni Sorenson Brown

Toni Sorenson Brown is a wife and mother of five kids. In addition to writing the Shirley books, she owns her own portrait studio where she specializes in family and children's portraiture. An orphan who grew up in foster homes and on the street, Toni believes that humor and hope are the keys to survival, and her Shirley books reflect this philosophy. She and her family live in the heart of Utah's Wasatch Mountains.

Toni Sorenson Brown

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