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V: The Original Miniseries

V: The Original Miniseries

V (Volume 1)

Kenneth Johnson and A. C. Crispin

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Trade Paperback

Kenneth Johnson's Warner Bros. television series V swept the nation and drew in hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide. Now, the novel V is finally back in print, with an all-new, never-before-seen revised ending.

V tells the exciting story of mysterious Alien visitors who are ready to solve Earth's problems. But soon after arriving, the Aliens' true nature is revealed, and like so many oppressive regimes of Earth's past, as long as people are not directly under attack, they will turn a blind eye to their tyrannical overlords. Now it is up to a small band of resistance fighters who know the aliens' true nature to stand up for all of humanity. Few people are quick to join their cause, and the fight to expose the aliens to the public will not be an easy one.

With fast-paced action, political intrigue and memorable characters, V is sure to stir fond memories for fans of the original miniseries, as well as make fans out of a new generation.



THE GUERRILLA ENCAMPMENT WAS SET UP IN THE REMAINS OF AN old village. The mud and cinderblock huts, the remains of a bombed-out church—even a pottery shop, wares still baking in the summer heat—all seemed to huddle, forlorn, dying, bullet-torn...


Praise for V: The Original Miniseries

V [is] dazzling. An intelligent, imaginative, engrossing four hour drama. V is a thought-provoking, sometimes shocking drama that keeps the viewer engaged.” —New York Daily News on the original miniseries

“Nothing less that a retelling of history – the rise of the Nazis done as a cautionary science fiction fable.…It is by politics and ideology that you will know V.” —New York Times on the original miniseries

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About the author

Kenneth Johnson and A. C. Crispin

KENNETH JOHNSON has written, directed and produced dozens of film and television productions including The Incredible Hulk and Alien Nation. In 1984, his Warner Bros. television mini-series "V" was the highest rated show on NBC for two and a half years; in 2002, the DVD of the miniseries sold more than two and a half million copies Johnson has been nominated for both the Writers Guild and the Edgar Awards. He lives in Los Angeles.

A.C. CRISPIN is the author of many science fiction novels. She lives in Maryland.

Kenneth Johnson

A. C. Crispin



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