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Waking Brigid

Waking Brigid

Francis Clark

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Waking Brigid is a darkly evocative novel set in haunting Savannah, Georgia. Though the city was physically spared during the Civil War, its citizens did not come through unscathed.

Into this dark and battered culture comes young Brigid Rourke, a beautiful Irish nun. Driven by the ravages of the famine, Brigid's family chose to give the girl up to the service of the Church to ensure her survival. But in order to do that she had to reject her people's pagan ways. The Church is all she has known and she seeks to do her duty…all the while fighting the lure of her people's legacy.

Brigid's resolve is tested when a prominent Savannah citizen is cruelly murdered behind a locked and bolted door in an insane asylum. The last words of the man chilled the blood of all who heard him, and the fact that he was murdered while he was alone in the cell defies all logical reason.

What follows is nothing less than an amazing clash between the forces of good and evil—dedicated white magicians versus the entrenched devil worshippers--for the soul of a city.

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Waking Brigid

Savannah, Georgia
Friday, October 9, 1874

THE dream always began the same, and, though he recoiled in terror even inside the dream, he could never escape the outcome....


Praise for Waking Brigid

“Clark uses language superbly and draws the characters expertly; they and the setting linger with the reader. Although the plot is a stock one, Clark increases the tension as the team members struggle among themselves and against the enemy all the way to a thundering climax.” —(starred review) Booklist

“This debut novel by a Savannah native depicts a richly detailed city peopled with colorful characters overlaid with a touch of the supernatural.” —Library Journal

“Imagine a Coven of killer evil worshippers in post-Civil War Savannah, a strong voodoo cult, and a band of doomed Catholic exorcists who depend for their safety on an Irish born nun with extraordinary gifts. Waking Brigid is a fast-paced nail biting fantasy tale of the perennial battle between good and evil--and good of course speaks with a brogue!” —Father Andrew Greeley

“It's refreshing to read a novel that's so plainly stated, so succinct and yet so vivid. Here from a writer who is well worth watching, is a locked room mystery that is more than worth unlocking!” —Brian Lumley, author of Necroscope

“This book is a nightmare--in a good way. Actually, in a great way.” —Susan Sizemore, USA Today bestselling author

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About the author

Francis Clark

Waking Brigid is Francis Clark's first novel. Born in Savannah, Georgia, he joined the Navy after graduating college, and served in the submarine force. Following a career in advertising and magazines, Clark devoted himself to full-time writing. Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly in the Spring of 2007.

Francis Clark

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