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When It Snows

When It Snows

Richard Collingridge

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When it snows, magic happens. Follow a boy and his teddy bear on a wondrous snowy adventure which will lead readers of all ages to a surprising place.


Praise for When It Snows

“In his first picture book…Richard Collingridge dives headlong into a fantasy of the season, showing it to be a vast and mountainous expanse of white, both eerie and enchanting.” —The New York Times

“A picture book debut that features not only an eery ode to mega-snow and various large icy creatures, but also a good word at the end for reading itself.” —The Associated Press

“Newcomer Collingridge's paintings are sumptuous and absorbing, creating a genuine sense of magic. And, as the final scene makes clear, it's a kind of magic that any reader can access: 'And I can go there every day... because my favorite book takes me there.'” —Publishers Weekly

“The magic of reading is the inspiration for this stunningly illustrated debut in which a little boy takes a long and eventful journey across a snow-bound imaginative landscape. The dream-like style of illustration makes this the perfect book for snuggling up with on dark wintry nights--Collingridge is clearly a major talent to look out for in the future.” —The Daily Mail (UK)

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