Case Closed

Case Closed features true crime stories that have been solved, so you can walk away feeling satisfied—no frustrating cliffhangers or ambiguous endings.

Case Closed is a true crime podcast about the times the bad guy didn’t get away with it. Season 2 of Case Closed investigates the murder of Rusty Sneiderman, an Atlanta businessman who was killed in the parking lot of his son’s preschool. Want to hear the full story now? The full show is available on Stitcher Premium. Listen here. For a free trial, use code CLOSED.  

Season 1 investigated the murder of Erin Corwin, who was just 19 years old when she kissed her husband Jon goodbye at the Marine base in Twentynine Palms, California, and headed to Joshua Tree National Park to scout hiking trails. It was the last time he would ever see her alive. Binge the series now.