Adam Jones

Adam Jones

Adam Jones publishes the popular, irreverent, and usually amusing college football website “The Truth About College Football since 1995.” College Football News has described Adam as a “Texas treasure.” He is a gifted public speaker whose diverse portfolio includes college football, Christian life and spiritual formation, management, fatherhood, and organizational development. Jones also serves the United Methodist Church as a lay guide for those seeking ordained ministry, and is the deputy education commissioner and chief operating officer of the department of education for the state of Texas. He was educated at the University of Texas, Duke University, and by a lifetime of being a fan. He lives in Austin with his wife, Erin, three sons, Zach, Ben, and Charlie, and his beloved dogs, Truman and Mae. You may e-mail him at rosebowldreams@mac.com.


Rose Bowl Dreams

Adam Jones

God created college football as a grand gift to an imperfect world. I learned this as a very small boy living in the middle of the Texas Panhandle. In time I would come to believe that...