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Macmillan Childrens Publishing Group

Macmillan Diversity and Inclusion

Our Goal

“At Macmillan, diversity isn’t just important for our talent mix; it’s critical for the future of our business. My ambition is for Macmillan to be the most diverse publisher in the industry.”

— Don Weisberg


Our Mission

Create and sustain a culture of inclusion and belonging that inspires people to do their best work and grow personally and professionally.

Increase diversity in the content we produce, the authors we work with and the talent we acquire, retain and develop.


Our Approach

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the center of our business.
  • Diversity by action, not PR.
  • Embed diversity into every facet of our company.
  • Be willing to course correct when/if needed.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Ask for help.


Our Promise


The foundation of every decision made moving forward will be supported by these guiding principles.

  • We are committed, meaning we are dedicated to this journey. This is NOT diversity by PR, but rather an integration of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion into every facet of the business.
  • We will be accountable, meaning we’re going to accept responsibility for the decisions we make, right or wrong, and will course-correct when and if needed.
  • We will be respectful to one another, and respectful of our differences. Our differences are key to the success of our business.  We will respect every person at this company regardless of title, political affiliation, background, or social class.
  • We will create equal access for everyone.
  • We will be supportive of the employee journey.

The foundation of our guiding principles will be transparency and empathy.