Anne-Renee Testa

Stanley G. Hilton (J.D., M.B.A.), the co-author, is the authof of two books which deal with politics, biography, and psychology, namely Senator for Sale and Bob Dole: American Political Phoenix (Contemporary Books). Mr. Hilton is an attorney who has practiced law for 23 years and who now practices law and runs his own law firm in San Francisco, California. He has appeared on national television talk shows, such as The Charles Grodin Show, CBS Morning News, The Cal Thomas Show, and many other national television radio programs. He covered the 1996 Republican National Convention in San Diego as a correspondent for a national radio network, and appeared on over 100 radio and television shows during the 1996 presidential campaign.
Mr. Hilton is a graduate of Harvard Business School (MB '79), Duke Law School (JD '75) and University of Chicago (BA '71). He was a Duke Law School classmate of current independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr, whom he knew quite well while the two were at Duke.
Dr. Anne-Renee Testa (Ph.D.) is a nationally accalimed, distinguished psychologist and specialist in personal and family relationships. She has worked as a practicing psychologist for over 20 years, first with her late husband, a psychiatrist affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, and then in her own private practice on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
She ran for office in 1994, challenging the incumbent in the New York State Legislature who represented the Silk Stocking District of Manhattan's Upper East Side. Her campaign was acclaimed by The New York Times and Citizens Union for its energy and emphasis on great electoral issues and campaign finance reforms. Her vote was the best recorded for any challenger for the Legislature in New York City.

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Glass Houses

Stanley Hilton
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The infamous Starr Report, which made Bill Clinton's private life very public, had one specific aim: to send the 42nd U.S. President packing. But many of those...

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