Arthur T. Winfree

Arthur T. Winfree is one of the world's foremost theoreticians of circadian rhythms.  Trained as a biophysicist, Winfree was the recipient of a MacArthur Grant for his work on biological clocks.  Formerly at the Institute for Nonlinear Science at the University of California at San Diego, he is now with the Department of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Arizona at Tucson.  Professor Winfree is the author of the classic work The Geometry of Biological Time and of When Time Breaks Down, a technical monograph on circadian rhythms.

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by the author

Timing of Biological Clocks

Winfree, Arthur T.
Henry Holt and Co.

"A clock," writes Arthur T. Winfree, "is not much good if you can't pull out its stem and set it." Similarly, the most critical property of biological...

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