Claire Avery

Mari Hilburn, an attorney, and Michelle Poche, a screenwriter and journalist, are sisters who write novels under their joint pseudonym, Claire Avery

They grew up in Chicago in a cult that combined Catholic fundamentalism with socialism—and plenty of guilt.  When the sisters were in their teens, their father, fearing that the end was near, moved—along with twenty-five other families—to the Ozark Mountains.  There, they lived in a bomb shelter and attempted to raise chickens and grow enough food to survive the coming nuclear holocaust. 

Moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area after high school graduation, the sisters earned degrees in Psychology and Journalism.  Michelle moved to New York and Europe to work as a fashion model, while Mari pursued a career as an attorney in private practice.  Now full- time novelists, Mari lives near Chicago while Michelle lives in Aspen, Colorado.

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Hidden Wives Claire Avery Book Trailer

A powerful and gripping debut novel that follows the journey of two young sisters coming of age in a secret polygamous sect where religion is distorted to justify abuse, misogyny, and the taking of child brides.

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Hidden Wives

Claire Avery
Forge Books

Fifteen-year-old Sara and her beautiful sister, Rachel, are too young to legally drive a car—but are approaching spinsterhood in Utah’s secret polygamist Blood...

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