Gareth Murphy

Gareth Murphy © Judith Azoulay

London born but Dublin raised, GARETH MURHPY's childhood under the rain swept skies of Ireland, was enlivened by his father's work as a pioneer concert promoter. Living in a large old house which also served as an office organising gigs for the likes of Thin Lizzy, the Ramones, the Clash and Tom Waits, the author as a boy, attended a Catholic school run by nuns who dictated lessons into his Nature copybook; “Giraffes come from Africa. God made Africa.” At the weekends, he ran around the Dandelion Market, an indoor bazaar where his mother ran a vintage clothes stall amongst vinyl dealers, pin sellers and junk merchants. 
Studying the family record collection, hanging out back stage, bumping into pop stars in the kitchen, young Murphy watched the animated conversations between music business characters. In the summer of Live Aid, he watched his father construct a matchstick model stage and roof which, the following year, U2 bankrolled into the world standard rig used by every big act of the stadium rock era.
Graduating from UCD with a degree in History & Philosophy, he travelled around India as a guitar-picking poet, then settled in France, where a vibrant electronic music scene was rising up from the underground. Working at various record companies, including as the Buddha Bar in Paris, he has produced thirty electronic compilations and witnessed the digital revolution at first hand. Composing and producing original music, he is



  • Meet Gareth Murphy, Author of Cowboys and Indies

    Written with the commitment and help of all the greatest label founders and talent spotters alive today, Cowboys and Indies truly is the music business’ bible. Gareth Murphy explores the history and evolution of the ever-changing scene, drawing from memoirs, archives, and over one hundred exclusive interviews with record industry legends. The book reveals the secrets behind the trade, and in the its final chapter – "Revelations" – readers will understand what makes the record business spin.



Cowboys and Indies

Gareth Murphy

Cowboys and Indies is nothing less than the first definitive history of the recording industry on both sides of the Atlantic.From the invention of the earliest known sound-recording...