Jake Tashjian

Jake Tashjian

Jake Tashjian is a teenage illustrator of middle grade children’s books.  He has illustrated My Life As a Book and My Life As a Stuntboy, as well as the upcoming My Life As a Cartoonist and Einstein the Class Hamster.  He collaborates on his novels with his mother, the author Janet Tashjian.  He has a video blog entitled Notes From the Panic Room at their My Life as a Book website.  He films all of the segments then edits the vlogs in IMovie.
When Jake was in elementary school, he used to draw his vocabulary words on index cards.  This later became the inspiration for the main character, Derek, in the My Life As A..series. 
Jake grew up in Needham, Massachusetts and currently lives in Los Angeles where he attends Fusion Academy.  He is an avid surfer and film aficionado. 



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Derek Fallon struggles with reading, so his mother hires a tutor, John, a student at UCLA. It doesn’t take long for Derek and John to bond over games instead of reading. Derek tells his mom...

Available 04/07/2015Pre-Order

In Einstein the Class Hamster and the Very Real Game Show, the companion to Janet and Jake Tashjian's Einstein the Class Hamster, we follow Ms. Moreno’s class as they face...

Available 09/02/2014Pre-Order

Einstein the class hamster is from a long line of class hamsters. He knows lots of cool facts about science, art, and history—maybe even more than their sleepy teacher, Ms. Moreno. The...


Derek Fallon discovers all the angst that comes with being twelve—he just wants to feel grown up, but life gets in the way with a series of mishaps that make him look like a baby. He...