Mary Hooper

MARY HOOPER says, “When I heard Anne Green's story on the car radio, I was absolutely captivated. I went straight home to find out more about her. What a story hers was: she gave birth in the most primitive conditions, then was thrown into a freezing, stinking prison and, later, sentenced to death. She said a said farewell to her family, climbed the scaffold, and then . . . what? Anne was ‘dead’ for several hours. Where did she go? I immersed myself in the facts, then sat down at my computer. I pictured her in her coffin; I felt I knew what she would want to say. My fingers began to fly across the keys . . .”

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Newes From the Dead - Book Trailer

A book trailer for Newes From the Dead, a mystery novel from Mary Hooper.

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Q & A

Full name: Mary Hooper
Name you like to be known by: Mary Hooper
Date of birth: 23rd July. I'm sure you wouldn't ask the year...
Place of birth: Richmond, West London
Citizenship: British
Current place of residence: Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire, UK.
Stops along the way (other places lived, or visited): I've always lived within an hour or so of London.
Are you married? Yes
Do you have children? One of each: Rowan and Gemma.
Education: Bad and good news: left school at 15 with no qualifications, got a BA (Hons) degree as a mature student when I was 40.
Jobs won (and lost): Never had a "career" as such. When I left school I worked as a window dresser, never daring to write as I wasn't "qualified". Happily, I later discovered that you don't need qualifications to be a writer...
Who in the world (alive or dead) would you most like to meet?  What would you ask or say to them? I'd like to meet my mum, who died when I was 21. I'd just like to sit down and have a cup of tea and a conversation with her.  
Lost in space . . . What three books would you take with you on a journey to another world? What movie? Piece of music? Painting? Books: Something quite complicated so I can really work out what's going on, perhaps Cloud Atlas.
A book of poetry by Philip Larkin, and a Teach Yourself Tap-dancing (see Movie, below)  so I can keep fit and enjoy myself at the same time.
Movie: 42nd Street
Music: Rolling Stones
Painting: One of those Victorian paintings by Ford Madox Brown (like "Work"), with lots of people in it, then I can amuse myself making up stories about them.
What are you reading now? London's Dead by Ed Glinert
What’s your favorite word? Enchanted   
What quality or accomplishment do you most admire in others? Kindness 
If you were writing your autobiography, what would be the most exciting (or interesting, or unlikely) chapter? Childbirth is the most exciting and best thing that's ever happened to me.
What other career (or task, or adventure) would you like to attempt? Very content doing what I do, although I would like to deliver a baby (or maybe that ought to be help deliver a baby).
Favourite maxim: You are responsible for your own happiness.

by the author

Newes from the Dead

Mary Hooper
Square Fish

Back from the dead! Wronged, hanged, awake and in darkness, a maidservant in 1650 England is gripped by fear, and by memories of the only crime she’s ever...

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